I honor the divine light in myself because I am of worth, my feelings matter, and I care about myself. I care for my needs through inward time provided through a meditation, prayer, and yoga practice. Daily time set aside to grounding in my being and connecting to my important values empowers me to validate my own sense of worth and see the value of others. I aim to impart gentle kind respect for all on my path.

The namaste tradition at the end of yoga class ties my spirit to others. The loose definition in Hindu for namaste is ‘the light in me honors the light in you’. To consecrate this vow my palms meet at the base to ground to my light, then my fingertips equally press against the mirrored digits between left and right. Energy of compassion thrives in a balance between equal forces from palms and fingertips aligned. My hands become a portal for validation of myself and others.

I do not sacrifice my own values when walking alongside another. I validate in understanding. I do not condone or agree. I simply find common ground as we are both on the same journey of happiness despite the human condition of suffering. I do not want to be alone when I am hurting. I can be, but I do not want to be. What I really need when I am hurting is validation that I am worthy of love. A namaste goes a long way for my inner dialogue and my communication with those I walk beside.

Sage is my essential oil for grounding and honoring all that is. The subtleties of this powerhouse, quotidienne herb bring me back to basics…my values. I apply sage oil to my inner wrists and draw my head to my palms in namaste bowing to my worth, existence, impact and value.

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