Sacred Space

My services include:
1. Feng Shui Design: Need help revamping your space? Ancient teachings of Feng Shui will transform your existing look into a new, fresh and organized environment. Interior redesign utilizes your existing furniture, creating the look you desire with very little investment.
2. Sacred Space: Space clearing and sanctifying, empowers your existing furnishings in a functional and stylish manner. Your current items will embody more efficacy and value.
3. Staging Consultation – Selling: Home staging prepares your home to attract offers. With a visit, you will know from an objective perspective what needs to be set aside.

Relaxation is the key to creating your tailored sacred space. We will discover your favorite colors, shapes, sounds, scents and incorporate these into your existing routine to make your space inviting and usable for the activity intended. For example: When I walk into my home, I enjoy a welcoming reminder to leave the outside world outside. Taking off my shoes is this reminder to pause, to feel, to notice I am in a new, supportive realm. Sanctifying this entry with a shoe rack, essential oil hand sanitizer, and house slippers enables me to ‘keep it real’ and leave the last moments of the day where they belong… in the past. Allowing me to offer myself and my loved ones the moment of now, in our home. In this way, I can be supported and I can offer my support. If I am stuck in the office or in the traffic, I am not available to receive love or give love.


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Quick Inviting Altar Ideas:

Jill Angelo, Sacred Space Guru, interview:

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