Morning Ritual

” The spirituality of imperfection begins with the recognition that trying to be perfect is the most tragic human mistake.” Ernst Kurtz

Morning Ritual 101: Keep the one you have and add space to it. To make space, observe yourself getting out of bed. Notice your disposition. How are you feeling? You specifically, not your external contributors, seulement you inside. Try saying to yourself, “I love you. I hear you.” As you offer respect to yourself, you invite space. Instead of building walls higher, pushing you further from what you really need; you can unlock the gate, creating a safe space for your needs.

This morning I awoke and knew I had an interview. I chose to observe my stress but not give into it. Instead I actively stayed calm and little by little arrived close to my ideal interview mindset: humble, happy, and observant. Hey I am also interviewing them, right? With a clouded, frenzied mind I say yes when I should say no, trying to fill a void – that could have been healed with a little observation in my morning ritual. The root for my overcommitment is a lack of self-care. Adding in a simple mindhack I am reconditioning my perception of self-care.

Much like a sea turtle coasting the currents, you can also flow in the river of life. Allowing water molecules to split over their geometrically decorated backs, Bernouili’s Principle powers them onwards. Lettting go, accepting ‘what is’ contributes to the bliss of a tortuga. How may I cruise today starting with my first glance inwards?

POSE: Child’s Pose, Balasana – while still in bed roll from your back, side, or belly to your knees. In a half stand (on knees) take a deep inhale, slowly walk arms out in front of you as you exhale. Lowering your chest to the bed and forehead resting on bed, inhale and get comfortable. Rely on the exhale to make space through small adjustments, like a cat finding the perfect nap spot. Tune in now to observe your breath giving your cells energy, and wake up to how your muscles connect to your bones. You are supported within since birth, since childhood you are enough, simply and powerfully made. 

Widen the knees to increase stretch in the hips. Draw knees closer for lower back stretch. Support your chest with a pillow for deep release, as you melt-in focus on breath. Supported breath focus is a way to lessen your grip on life’s intensity, on and off the mat.

“We are already perect. Our humanity involves, by its very nature a trial and error approach to our experiences. It is perfectly human, loveable and noble to struggle, strive, fall and get back up to try again. No infant, when learning to walk ever did so without tubling. And not one of us, not one of us, ever sat there and gave up. Barring infirmities, we all can and do walk. It is part of our natural, physical development.”

MANTRA: Just for today I offer myself the inner space I crave.

ESSENTIAL OIL: To entice intimacy with self, I turn to Jasmine. This relative of the Gardenia possesses a nostalgic, Proustian essence of beauty and invites me to melt into my own creativity, passionately caring for moments alone. The garden cultivar so prevelant in the south as a flowering vine amuses my senses on daily walks. This abundant fragrance in springtime reminds me of the calming, rooting quote “bloom where you are planted” gifted to me by someone who walks alongside me on my perfectly human struggle.

Diffuse Jasmine and apply to skin with an unscented carrier oil. Set aside time to breathe in this oil and ask, “what feelings appear?” Invite them to be comfortable with you. Slowly care for yourself day by day, that is your mission in this lifetime. Like the sea turtle inner peace is what truly inspires – connect to yours.

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