Home Office

Why Worry Now? You have achieved the ultimate dream – working from home. Let’s keep up the positivity with a few biohacks and if you would like to take a step further reserve a Home Office Kit from yours truly. 

  1. Cleanliness – el primo de primo! Keep your space clean and tidy as a sign of respect to your work. Your work life will thank you for beginning each day with a clean slate. So often it is tough to let go of work stress, but a clean desk assists in that new day opportunity!
  2. Not such a big space – no need for an entire office sometimes being too alienated is the root of home office dread. Keep the chi (energy) flowing, but place compassionate boundaries on when co-habitants can disturb you.
  3. Set the mood – you want a Golden Mood now that you can do whatever you want to your workspace. Aromatherapy clears the focus. Add a diffuser and purchase citrusy scents for energizing uplift. Sound harmonizes and drowns out disruptive background noise. Purchase or bring over your sound machine from the bedroom. These soothing tones keep you on a balanced pace, minimizing disruptions.
  4. Breaks – make these breaks work with reducing stress load. If laundry makes you sing – do it. If walking the dog makes you sing louder – then do that first. Incorporate three standard breaks into your routine. Observe the best times of day for you. For me 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:00 pm are essential to my Golden Mood.
  5. Inspiration – a quote, a photo, a memento of special importance will jazz you and improve your creativity working from home. Productivity is assured in a home office, but creativity can fall by the wayside. A journal, a songbook, a favorite poem any of these stir up the right side of the brain, engaging a relaxed spirit.

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