Detoxifying Trend

“Do not allow the mind to create a sense of separation in you.” Mooji

Let us get to the root of the detoxifying trend… self-love. At our core is our heart. As children, we ran freely into the open consciousness of every moment – self-love our truest nature. We slept when tired, we ate when hungry. Look at young children today, they still do this. From an adult’s perspective, their ability to self-regulate is magical. Sure they may need assistance and finances to get what they ask for, but they know how and what to ask for.

  • Am I asking for what I need from myself? from those closest to me?
  • Am I receiving what I am given from myself? from those closest to me?

Addictions exist because we crave a return to open consciousness. We have lost trust in the existence of a natural way to our true nature.  So in a rush, expedited by our age of instant gratification, we reconnect to self-love in the easiest, fastest way. Examples of these toxic quick fixes are online shopping, online hook up sites, relationships, poor diet, talking up the drama instead of offering space, comparative negativity via social media, alcohol, drugs – each provides a quick fix succeeded by a cliff jumping abyss, further separating from self-love and drawing closer to self-hate.

  • Have obligations, stress, and attachment concealed the path to my true nature?
  • What do I observe myself turning to when I seek a deeper connection?
  • Is that a self-loving action?

As you consider your own detoxifying trend, take a look at the root. Plant a seed in healthy soil. Have faith in yourself for the long haul.

POSE: Anjali Mudra is a heart opening pose. Palms meet at the sternum. The heart presses gently to the base of the thumbs. If seated or standing align head over heart, heart over hips. Firming the lower abdomen aligns the spine and draws front body and back body together. In Anjali mudra, the crown reaches to the heavens and base roots to the earth. Your heart rests in between, supported, connected, felt. This mudra re-yokes the hurried self to physical relaxation, emotional calmness, mental focus, and spiritual awareness – heart centering.

MANTRA: Think less. Love more.

ESSENTIAL OIL: Roman Chamomile is the oil of spiritual purpose. At our core is our heart. And our heart aligns with our highest purpose. This oil can soothe your mind and transform the dis-ease of addiction to false refuges to walking in the sunlight of the spirit.

Dr. Axe shares, “Inhaling chamomile vapors using chamomile essential oil is often recommended as a natural remedy for anxiety and general depression, which is one reason why chamomile oil is a popular ingredient in many candles, aromatherapy products, and bath-soaking treatments.”

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