Authentic Fulfillment

It is the profound pleasure in knowing the world more deeply that creates authentic fulfillment.~ Stephen Cope The Great Work of Your Life

Giving myself credit today for beginning a journey, choosing to commit to a path. The past nine months I have sacrificed tempting weekend outings to implement routine, with an intention to delve deeply into studying the Eightfold Path of Mindfulness. Yoga is simply one limb of the eight folds. Astonishingly with a cat-like grin, I humbly admit after all my dedication, I am again at the beginning.

How did I choose to commit to this? I threw out negative self-talk that I identified as barriers. I set cost, time, and expectations aside. I consciously dove in head first. Determination has made all the difference in my healing from a self-imposed, self-separation of many years. We are offered the opportunity over and over again in life to make a choice for authentic fulfillment. We can choose now or later. Reflecting upon December 2016, when I signed up for a nine-month yoga training, I am speechless for the courage and outright dumb luck that got me to choose NOW.

Here is to the new beginning I dreamt of for so long, hand in hand with my love – my soul. Walk with me. Choose your way now. Tomorrow will come and yesterday will too, but how you spend today can ensure the present is positive for you. Deep bow fellow travelers. Let’s light up the world!

POSE: I choose dolphin pose. When offered an hour of Mysore Yoga an hour before graduation, my heart went to the sea. Unifying with the sea, reminds me of splashing back into the true Self I had separated from. In the ocean I can commune fully with the purest version of me. From down dog, lower forearms to the earth. Keep a slight bend in the knees. The pose accentuates strength in the shoulders – helping you work towards your handstand and headstand. Inversions are attainable. This journey is all about stability and ease.

E.O.: Frankincense is my selection for an essential oil. To be applied to the third eye, Ajna chakra; and the lower abdomen, Muladhara chakra. Frankincense has a history as one of the oils brought by the Three Kings to Joseph and Mary at Jesus’s birth. The Holy significance aligns me with my faith-driven purpose to serve. The earthy essence enables me to feel grounded, which is essential to maintaining my spiritual path. Head in the clouds, feet rooted in the earth. This oil anointed me during times of doubt and baptized me during times of accomplishment.

Frankincense grows in dry, desert-like conditions. 





There are three primary types of resin that produce an oil having Alpha-Pinene as the main component: Boswellia Sacra, Boswellia Carterii, Boswellia Frereana.  Alpha-Pinene slows the breakdown of Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other cells. It can improve the functioning of sensory neurons, the autonomic nervous system, and REM sleep (deep + restorative).

Alpha-Pinene possesses:
Anti-cancer properties
Anti-inflammatory benefits
Broad spectrum of antibiotic properties


New this month***STONE: Labradorite is an all-time favorite stone. The multi-layered striations alternate directions creating an iridescence that entices the eye and the heart. The name rooted from Nova Scotia regionality is also the name of a popular four-legged family member. Inuits thought Labradorite fell from the Aurora Borealis, nature’s spectacular sky show seen in the Northern Hemisphere. Labradorite is perfect for protecting me during transformation and balancing my dharma-aligned aura when I teeter off course.

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