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LIAL Mission

Guiding fellow neighbors to be the change within themselves that they want to see in the world. In a few steps Love Is A Lifestyle walks alongside you as a spiritual conduit to amplify your own self worth. The Love In Action Plan ignites self love; empowering you to trust that you are the key to your happiness. The three branches of the Love In Action Plan are comprised of Feng Shui by decluttering your sacred space, meditation support to grow your practice, and travel to lay out your journey's purpose.

Ahoy There

My non-linear journey gifts me with sales, design, spiritual, and travel experience. All of these combine to make up my passion, Love Is A Lifestyle. I dig deeply into the idea that less is more. Since 1999, my mantra sings, "Travel light. Seem a dream. Prove real." LIAL allows me to stay grounded in my aspirations, benefit from the freedom of limited material things, and share the journey with other loving neighbors.
This is me in Yosemite, striking a pose ala Ansel Adams! As far as random tidbits: I am an avid reader, 13 is my lucky number and I have a strong affinity for pugs and unicorns.

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