Start your Life In Action Plan with this quick, fun quiz.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” – Rumi

Life In Action Plan

Your tailored Life In Action Plan begins with your own choice from one of our services: sanctuary, meditation, and travel. At your pace, we will complete the remaining two and unify the Love Is A Lifestyle three-branch cycle. We offer a comprehensive introduction to Love Is A Lifestyle, at the all empowering SOULSHINE Restorative Retreat. While with us you will touch on the relevance of each branch of the Life In Action Plan.


Can you see what you love? Among the clutter can you distinguish the significance of a matted hairbrush from your great aunt's perfume bottle? Let's return the dignity to your favorite areas and favorite items, utilizing Feng Shui to enliven the energy in your sacred space.


Meditation can be daunting. Want a guide to ease your learning of this time treasured practice? Meditation will develop as a reward; providing you a good night's rest, developing your omniscient perspective, and releasing you from bad habits.


We offer you guidance for your next trip whether it be to our Restorative Retreat, a staycation, or a voyage abroad. We will continue our work to establish your intention for the journey and ensure you are rejuvenating and fostering your wayfaring soul.

SOULSHINE Restorative Retreat Wilmington NC

Day 1 Arrive between 6-8 pm
Paleo dinner and evening meditation
Select your own adventure for the evening (2):
Tea ceremony, visionboarding, bonfire, warm bath
Day 2
Paleo Breakfast and morning meditation
Select your own adventure for the day (2):
Yoga + nature excursion, essential oil aromatherapy, Feng Shui design

Essential Oil Advisor

Essential oils improve physical, emotional, and fiscal health. Their versatility makes them cost effective for treating ailments, reducing your toxic load, and maximizing well-being.